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I am so thankful and excited to release this new CD! We've been gathering arrangements for several years and about a year ago, my daughter Phoebe said to me — "Dad, it's time for you to make a new CD". Sometimes God communicates to us through other people, and I really felt this to be the case, so after some prayer and family discussion we agreed to begin.

The CD includes a variety of music, including some old hymns, contemporary Christian songs, and some Latin Christian songs. In my travels to the Dominican Republic, I was introduced to some beautiful Latin worship music — like "Mi Corazon Te Canta", which means "My Heart Sings To You". You can see the translated words to these by clicking here.

Not all of the songs are Christian by origin, but all have a thought or meditation which has been meaningful to me and contain messages which have helped me in meditating on the love of God.

"It's You I Like", for example, is from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. It's a great song which talks about liking someone for who they are, not what they have or do. Click here to read the lyrics. What a great message! It's also the message that God says to us in the Gospel — God actually likes people! I am so very thankful for the "Handyman" Joe Negri, who played the guitar solo on this song. My uncle, Johnny Costa, was the musical director for the Mr. Rogers Neighborhood show, and he, also with Joe and a host of world-class musicians performed some incredible music while those simple children's shows were being taped.

I've also included "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" which, to me, is a great thought about what heaven will be like — perfect, with no sin, pain, tears, or the frustrations of this life, and a Disney song called "Reflection", from the movie Mulan. It's a beautiful melody, but more importantly it contains a message about the desire to be able to live and reflect what is inside of our hearts. What a picture of the Christian life — to know that the perfect life of Jesus now lives in me, but, as the song says: "when will me reflection show who I am inside?"

As I said in the opening of this note, I am so thankful to have been a part of this project — but "what do I have that I have not been given?" God is the giver of all gifts, and He provided not only my ability to play, but so many others who made this CD possible. Annette Smouse, who arranged the project and played wonderfully; her husband Phil Smouse, who took time out of his busy writing schedule to make a cameo appearance on guitar and bass; Dan Shields on guitar, Tom Bellin on Bass and Dennis Garner on Drums — each contributed their ideas as well as their musicianship. Thanks to all of you and glory to God!

I hope you will give this CD a listen — and that you'll enjoy listening to it even a fraction as much as I have enjoyed playing it.

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